About us


    Welcome to Soderstrom Classic Sportscar

 - an international broker in fine Automobiles.



A brief history

Allan Söderström was born in the year 1900 at the dawn of motoring. He built Forenade Bil

into one of Swedens leading car importers and dealers eventually representing brands such as BMW, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Pierce Arrow, Mercedes, Wolseley, MG and Brennabor.

However he also became a passionate collector of Sportscars in particular.

His heirs proudly took on his enthusiasm for automobiles by both  

running the companies and continue the collecting. Among the significant 

cars currently in the Allan Soderstrom collection is a Bentley 4,5 litre Supercharged , an Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS Zagato and some the finest models from Bugatti and BMW

To build your portfolio is to build the future.

The purpose of Soderstrom Classic Sportscar is to preserve, collect 

and broker rare automobiles. To achieve this I am fortunate to have built

the confidence of private collectors who want to own a balanced portfolio

of vintage cars. Although classic cars have outperformed alternative

speculations for more than ten years nothing can be taken for granted.

But surely an initial investment of your time can lead to a worthwhile  investment

for generations to come. I'm looking forward to learning more about your needs.



Frederick Soderstrom